Cool or Creepy Technology?

A company was recently in the news for its new practice of offering its employees the option of having a microchip implanted into their hand in order to access locked doors, use office equipment, even purchase snacks from vending machines. While the idea is very futuristic and efficient, it raises some questions. Mainly, are our new securities technologies way cool or a little creepy?

A recent survey questioned 3,500 consumers, and here are some of the things they embraced as cool, and those that had them on alert for their creepy factor.

Creepy security

  • Creepy? Facial recognition technology that identifies a shopper as a loyal customer, and relays their preferences to the in-store salesperson.
  • Cool? The ability to search and order products verbally using voice recognition technology.
  • Creepy? Companies that understand their customer’s shopping habits so well they’re able to use artificial intelligence / data research to choose and order products on their behalf.
  • Cool? Digital screens, interactive mirrors, and virtual reality glasses that display additional products which complement what a shopper is trying on.
  • Creepy? Computer programs (such as chatbots) that use artificial¬† intelligence to help answer customer service questions, rather than a real person.

It goes without saying that technology is great, and provides endless possibilities. But people shouldn’t become dependent on their use of it.

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