Flooding and Your Landscape

The catastrophic events in Texas, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and throughout our own state dumped immeasurable amounts of water on the ground. But South Florida doesn’t need a natural disaster to flood. This region is plagued with floods, which means you should be informed as to what that means for your property.

Flooding can be devastating for your building and tenants. And what does all that rain mean for the landscape of your property? Fortunately, nothing terrible. Unless the water sits there for more than a week, most trees, shrubs and grasses should be fine. As long as the roots continue to get oxygen, the plants will survive, and the effects of flooding on your landscape will be minimal.

The biggest problem with flooding is from the displacement of soil and the abundance of debris on your landscaping. There’s not much that can be done until the water recedes, though. Even then, you may have to wait several days for the soil to firm up before assessing the damage, and starting the clean up.

Regardless of the damage, cleaning up after a flood is hard work and can be overwhelming. It may take some time to get everything clean, and back to normal. In the meantime, think of this as an opportunity to make much-wanted changes to your landscape design. And know that the experienced landscape professionals at SFM are always willing and able to help.

Tidal flooding in Miami.

Tidal flooding in Miami.