Caring for Your Grass During Summer Heat .

Late summer can create a lot of stress on your landscaping, especially the grass. This time of year, lawn care is all about keeping grass healthy (and alive) while temperatures soar. But, it’s not just the summer heat grass has to contend with. Summertime means outdoor lunches, company picnics, and lots of growing weeds from summer showers.

Here are some tips for keeping the lawn in tiptop shape during hot summer days. Continue reading ‘Caring for Your Grass During Summer Heat .’ »

Creepy Technology

Cool or Creepy Technology?

A company was recently in the news for its new practice of offering its employees the option of having a microchip implanted into their hand in order to access locked doors, use office equipment, even purchase snacks from vending machines. While the idea is very futuristic and efficient, it raises some questions. Mainly, are our new securities technologies way cool or a little creepy?

A recent survey questioned 3,500 consumers, and here are some of the things they embraced as cool, and those that had them on alert for their creepy factor. Continue reading ‘Cool or Creepy Technology?’ »

lantern against the blue sky

Security Lighting for Commercial Property

Lighting doesn’t just highlight the beauty of your property; it also impacts the safety and security. While a comprehensive alarm system is a great extra, business owners should never overlook the importance of lighting devices.

Here’s how security lighting helps keep commercial properties safer: Continue reading ‘Security Lighting for Commercial Property’ »

Closeup of vacuum cleaner attachment

Clean Like a Pro

We all know that one person who finds ironing relaxing. But have you even met anyone that loves to clean? We’ve never met that person either. And that’s because cleaning is a chore – literally and figuratively. It takes hours! But what if you could learn some tricks that would allow you to shave a few quarter hours off of the most time consuming parts of cleaning? Continue reading ‘Clean Like a Pro’ »

Camera keep an eye on woman.

Do I Need Office Security Cameras?

As any business owner will tell you, owning your own business is a 24/7 endeavor. Truthfully though, you can’t personally be at your place of business every minute or every day, which is why more and more owners are installing video surveillance systems. Continue reading ‘Do I Need Office Security Cameras?’ »

Make your income grow

Benefits of Growing An Office Garden

The correlation between a traditional office and a garden are not exactly apparent. When you think “office,” the mental image your mind conjures up is of fluorescent lights, cubicles, computers, and other miscellaneous office equipment; it’s not of lettuce, leeks, carrots and berries. But maybe it should be. Continue reading ‘Benefits of Growing An Office Garden’ »


Do You Know About Steam Cleaning?

At SFM Janitorial, we take pride in using all Green Seal Certified Products, which dramatically reduce the impact on our environment, are less toxic, and eco-friendly. But another cleaning method we have found to be good for our clients is steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning with vaporized water has recently exploded in popularity, and for good reason. Here are just a few of the benefits: Continue reading ‘Do You Know About Steam Cleaning?’ »

SFM tree planting

Guide to Watering Trees

Watering is a simple yet essential part of caring for trees, especially during extended periods of dry weather. The amount of water a tree needs depends on many factors, particularly the age of the tree. As a rule, newly planted and young trees require more frequent watering than older, well-established trees. Keep your trees adequately watered by following these guidelines. Continue reading ‘Guide to Watering Trees’ »

Hacker wearing a mask while using a laptop computer.

The Growing Threat of Ransomware

A lot has been publicized about ransomware lately, and for good reason. It’s currently the fastest growing cyber attack. Faceless criminals use malicious software to encrypt files and hard drives of unsuspecting victims, and then demand a ransom to release their information. Continue reading ‘The Growing Threat of Ransomware’ »

Zoomed in shot of green blades of grass.

You Bet Your Grass

There’s something so nice about a lush, green lawn. Of course as any landscaper will tell you, a healthy lawn doesn’t just happen. Aside from the regular maintenance, success with your lawn depends on many things. And the most important one among them is choosing the proper type of grass.

Making grass choices is not something we often consider, but we actually have many choices in South Florida. If you are thinking of laying sod at your property, here are 6 great options: Continue reading ‘You Bet Your Grass’ »