Young girl sneezing into a white tissue.

Nothing to Sneeze At

Every year it happens. Spring has sprung, and so have your seasonal allergies. Many believe that pollen is blowing around everywhere, and their suffering is inescapable.  Fortunately, that’s not exactly true. The closer you are to a pollen-producing plant or tree, the more likely you are to be affected by it.  In fact, research shows that with most trees, the largest amount of pollen falls and lands within 30 feet of the tree.

This means that you can make your property a haven for allergy sufferers by simply choosing items for your landscape that are considered “allergy (and asthma) free.”  Here are 5 tips for making choices that will keep your staff and customers healthy and happy: Continue reading ‘Nothing to Sneeze At’ »

Group of male security officers on a street in Miami

Is It Time To Hire An On-Site Security Firm?

Intruders and thieves are a perpetual threat to any business, which is why comprehensive security measures should be a top priority for any organization. While many companies opt for security cameras, alarm systems, and magnetic locks, investing in the safety and peace of mind that comes with an onsite security company can’t be beat.

A single act of theft or vandalism can create unrest among your employees, and cut into your profit margin. While basic security measures can be helpful in protecting your property, they can only do so much. Continue reading ‘Is It Time To Hire An On-Site Security Firm?’ »

Man with vacuum cleaner isolated on white

Common Cleaning Complaints & How We Avoid Them

Everyone has their own way of doing things, and that’s especially evident when it comes to cleaning. One person’s method of dusting and de-cluttering could be downright obsessive in comparison to someone else’s. As janitorial services professionals, we understand that. We believe that cleaning is not an easy task for anyone who does it for someone else, which is why we always strive to clean as if we were doing it for ourselves, especially when it comes to these common complaints: Continue reading ‘Common Cleaning Complaints & How We Avoid Them’ »

Group shot of runners in a race dancing in a foam party at the finish line

Staying Safe in a Crowd (Part 2)

Last month we talked about how to stay together as a group when you are in a large crowd. But these days, staying safe in a large crowd also means being cognizant of your surroundings and those around you. When thinking about crowds, recent political protests come to mind. These gatherings have attracted thousands of people. While almost all have been peaceful, it’s easy for circumstances to quickly change when so many people are involved.

Here are a few tips to keep you and your property safe at any event that involves thousands of people: Continue reading ‘Staying Safe in a Crowd (Part 2)’ »

Dog lying in home office with woman in background

Pet-Friendly Landscaping For Your Office

Bringing your pet to work is still a rare perk at most companies, but it certainly has its benefits – for the employer and the employee. But it’s not just about being pro-animals and allowing them to have the run of the office. Being accepting of furry office-mates means pet proofing your office space.

When it comes to pet proofing, most pet owners tend to focus on the office itself – the scented candles, exposed phone and computer cords, and open trashcans. While addressing all of those matters is necessary, it’s also important to safeguard the outside of your office, which is where a lot of pets spend a good amount of their time.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when making your office landscaping pet safe and friendly. Continue reading ‘Pet-Friendly Landscaping For Your Office’ »

A newly planted tropical tree in South Florida being held up by support beams.

Figuring Out The Best Time To Plant Trees

Adding trees to your commercial property landscape adds value, saves on energy costs and makes your property more appealing to visitors, guests and tenants. But trees are big-ticket landscape items, so it’s important to plant them when they’re most likely to survive.

So, when is the best time? Continue reading ‘Figuring Out The Best Time To Plant Trees’ »

Shot of a daytime crowd of concert goers at Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Staying Safe in a Crowd

We’re in the peak of perfect-South-Florida-weather. This is the time of year when the rest of the country wishes they were down here, and we’re taking advantage of every opportunity to be outdoors … concerts, craft shows, art festivals. You name it; we all want to participate, which is why it’s also a time to be cognizant of the dangers that can be associated with large crowds.

These tips will help you stay safe at large-scale events … Continue reading ‘Staying Safe in a Crowd’ »


Simplify Building Management in 2017

December is a great time to take stock of the year behind and look ahead to the year to come. If you’re a business owner or have a leadership role in an organization, it’s a time to reflect on that business, no only on accomplishments, but also on missed opportunities and results unachieved. SFM Services continues to grow. We’re proud to say we had another great year. Continue reading ‘Simplify Building Management in 2017’ »

Granted we might be a little biased, but we certainly feel like the janitorial industry is one of the most important in the world.

Thank Your Cleaner Day

Last month, the BSCNZ and KÄRCHER, the manufacturers of professional-grade cleaning equipment, organized the first ever Thank Your Cleaner Day. We love the idea!

Granted we might be a little biased, but we certainly feel like the janitorial industry is one of the most important in the world. Continue reading ‘Thank Your Cleaner Day’ »

Businesses will soon start to decorate their offices to create a festive atmosphere for their customers and employees. If you're searching for some new ideas, here's what we suggest.

Spread Some Holiday Cheer

Regardless of your religious beliefs, the holidays are a special time of year with undertones of love, kindness, and joy. The season is synonymous with gatherings and, of course, decorations. As such, businesses will soon start to decorate their offices to create a festive atmosphere for their customers and employees.

If you’re searching for some new ideas, here’s what we suggest. Continue reading ‘Spread Some Holiday Cheer’ »