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Call Us:  (305) 818-2424       Find Us:  9700 NW 79th Ave, Hialeah Gardens, FL
Call Us: (305) 818-2424
Find Us:  9700 NW 79th Ave
Hialeah Gardens, FL
Call Us: (305) 818-2424
Find Us:  9700 NW 79th Ave, Hialeah Gardens, FL

January is about fresh starts and new slates. But first, you need to deal with the old clutter and muck, especially at work. After all, it’s a well-known fact that clean office conditions can help employees improve their performance and boost productivity.

Gloved hand scrubbing a kitchen sink

Keep these four areas clean, and your employees will stay happy and on-track with their tasks.

Clean desk equipment. Personal desk equipment, like telephones, monitors, and keyboards, are the most used but seldom cleaned items on a desk. And that makes them breeding ground for bacteria. Those germs will eventually get someone sick. And sick employees are not productive employees.

Sanitize the kitchen. The kitchen is a key part of the office. It’s where employees go to refuel and refresh. So, it’s important to make sure all of its components are sanitized daily.

Clean the floors. Looking at dirty floors as soon they walk into the building will not fill employees or visitor with joy. Ensuring floors are vacuumed and mopped nightly will make the space look shiny and clean, and leave your staff feeling energized.

Empty the trash. Dirty and overflowing trashcans tend to attract bugs and cause frustration. Keeping trash cans clean and empty is important for a productive office. After all, who can focus on work when your surroundings smell like trash.

The state of your workspace has a big impact on the way your employees do their job. Investing in a service like SFM Janitorial, which has been providing commercial cleaning solutions in South Florida since 1972, will help you maintain and boost productivity in the workplace.