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Call Us:  (305) 818-2424       Find Us:  9700 NW 79th Ave, Hialeah Gardens, FL
Call Us: (305) 818-2424
Find Us:  9700 NW 79th Ave
Hialeah Gardens, FL
Call Us: (305) 818-2424
Find Us:  9700 NW 79th Ave, Hialeah Gardens, FL

There are many options available when it comes to choosing flooring for your business. Whichever you choose will depend on your business, your budget, and the overall look you’re looking to achieve. Vinyl flooring, though, is a popular material because of its many good qualities. It is water-resistant, low-maintenance, and can be customized in a variety of different colors, textures, and designs. And, while vinyl has its many good qualities, there’s no denying the fact that it does require regular maintenance in order to prevent it from looking dingy.

Image depicts Interior of modern apartment living room hall with vinyl flooring.

This is what we recommend:


  • Spill cleaning. Don’t let spills linger. Wipe them up as soon as possible with a mop or damp cloth.
  • Regular vacuuming. Regularly sweep, dust, or vacuum vinyl floors to remove dirt, dust, and other debris.
  • Damp mopping. Mopping vinyl floors routinely will help generate a deeper clean to the surface.


Good vinyl floor maintenance requires regular cleaning, advanced floor-care planning, and detailed use of cleaning products. Let the SFM Janitorial Services professionals provide high quality, green cleaning solutions. We’ll keep your vinyl floors looking as good as the day they were installed.