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Call Us: (305) 818-2424
Find Us:  9700 NW 79th Ave
Hialeah Gardens, FL
Call Us: (305) 818-2424
Find Us:  9700 NW 79th Ave, Hialeah Gardens, FL

A safe, if chosen properly, can serve you for a lifetime. Here is a checklist to help you choose a safe that’s right for you.

How to Choose a Safe

What will you store in your safe?  Paper, media and jewelry can all be damaged at different temperatures, so consider heat resistance when choosing a safe. A proper safe can positively impact your insurance rates, so choose the right fire rating to protect your valuables.

 Size does matter. With time you may find new items to store in your safe. Buy a sizer bigger than what you need right now.

Pick a “safe” place. Remember a safe needs to be bolted in place. Also consider accessibility, frequency of use and how it will be covered or hidden.

Will you be the only one to access it? Depending on how many people will have access, you can decide whether the safe will be accessed via key, code, card, digital or combo lock. You may also require extra locked storage within the safe; a place where you can keep additional items away from staff.

Business vs. home. Usually business safes should be stronger than home versions. But don’t assume that a “business-grade” safe is not fit for your home. Choose a safe based on your individual needs.

How will you service it? Safe locks need service about every five years. Consider the cost of service when selecting a safe.