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Call Us: (305) 818-2424
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Call Us: (305) 818-2424
Toll Free: (866) 253-2643
Find Us:  7500 NW 74th Avenue, Medley, FL

Decorations are a beautiful part of the holiday season. However, if safety precautions are ignored, they can also cause serious safety hazards.

Lights Safety

Holiday Light Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), decorative lights start over 150 home structure fires every year. These fires cause approximately 7 fatalities, 17 injuries and about $8 million in property damage each year.

Safety Tips for Homeowners

  • Use lights tested labeled UL (rated by Underwriters Laboratories).
  • Stick to manufacturer guidelines, including use in the proper environment — indoor vs.outdoor.
  • Check every light for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires, and loose connections. Discard all damaged light sets.
  • Use a limit of three standard-size light sets per single extension cord.
  • Extension cords should be placed against the wall to avoid tripping; avoid running cords under rugs.
  • Use caution when hanging lights. Use insulated holders instead of tacks, staples or nails.
  • Avoid hanging lights near any flammable materials such as loose paper.
  • Turn off all lights before you go to bed or leave the house.
  • Take lights down after the holidays. They are not intended for extended use.

Christmas Tree Fires

Christmas trees start an average of 250 home fires each year, according to the NFPA. These fires result in approximately 14 deaths, 26 injuries and $13.8 million in property damage yearly.

Safety Tips for Homeowners

  • When purchasing a live tree, check for fresh, green needles on the tree that are difficult to pull from the branches.
  • When setting up the tree, cut an additional two inches off the trunk and keep it watered at all times.
  • When purchasing an artificial tree, look for a “fire-resistant” label.
  • Place your tree at least three feet from fireplaces, radiators and space heaters. Never use candles to decorate a tree.