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Call Us:  (305) 818-2424       Find Us:  9700 NW 79th Ave, Hialeah Gardens, FL
Call Us: (305) 818-2424
Find Us:  9700 NW 79th Ave
Hialeah Gardens, FL
Call Us: (305) 818-2424
Find Us:  9700 NW 79th Ave, Hialeah Gardens, FL

December is a great time to take stock of the year behind and look ahead to the year to come. If you’re a business owner or have a leadership role in an organization, it’s a time to reflect on that business, no only on accomplishments, but also on missed opportunities and results unachieved. SFM Services continues to grow. We’re proud to say we had another great year.


What started out as a janitorial company over 40 years ago is now a one-stop resource for property management, and an industry leader in South Florida. We proudly employ more than 650 people from Monroe to Palm Beach, and are branching out to Central Florida and other southern states. We’re cost conscious, but spend money on the things that matter … our employees, our equipment, our products, and our practices. With good compensation and benefits, we show our employees we consider them valuable to the SFM family. We also invest in the best equipment available, which allows our staff to deliver optimal results. In our janitorial division, we use all environmentally friendly cleaning products. In our landscape division, we take all our cuttings to a recycling plant and convert them to mulch. These practices are pat of what make us a great company, and what our clients have learned to expect.

But we won’t rest on our laurels. We’re always striving to be better, and our clients appreciate it. That mentality has allowed us to create relationships with some of South Florida’s biggest and most well-known businesses, municipalities and events, including Vizcaya, The City of Coral Gables, Baptist Health Services, The Miami Parking Authority, Zoo Miami, and Ultra Music Festival.

Every property owner and facility manager knows that building maintenance is about staying ahead of the never-ending battle the forces of nature wage against your building.  It’s no secret the brutal South Florida heat and constant showers take their toll on your landscaping. On the inside, your floors, doors, and furniture all suffer from the wear and tear of repetitive use. SFM is a skilled and seasoned company. We know what it takes to manage a commercial property, and whole-heartedly believe we can help boost your property’s value, while relieving you of much of the stress involved in day-to-day upkeep.  

How do we do it? By anticipating our clients’ needs. We understand that providing a host of services helps our clients. We don’t want them to spend time searching and interviewing a dozen companies in the hopes of finding a single qualified contractor. It only takes one phone call to solve a problem. A call to SFM.

Wishing You a Joyful Holiday Season,

Christian Infante

President, SFM Services